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And then she built a SpaceShip and left for a thousand years…

The question I tried to answer for a long time for myself is why, with so much cultural diversity and so many ideas about human existence, there is not one place, tradition or culture in which I feel I belong. Recently I stopped trying to find a way to fit in. If I can’t fit in, I will build my own one-woman-culture and everybody is welcome.

I use yarn to create a multicolored language of geometrical shapes and costumes to create new cosmic identities.

I’m inspired by afrofuturism, popular science, tribal culture, patterns, Star Trek, biology, origin stories, space, cosmologies of ancient cultures


Curriculum vitae

Full Name

Nancy Tjong

Working in

The Hague


Bachelor of Arts - Royal Academy The Hague
Bachelor of Communication and Information Technology - Hogeschool Rotterdam



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